Local Resources

Must of the information below comes from the wonderful Makerspace Database that was created by Redwood Coast Rural Action. The entire database is called North Coast Regional Manufacturers’ Network & Directory and is a wonderful list of just about everyone who makes a physical end product in Humboldt County.

Active Makerspaces

Access Humboldt logo in white

Access Humboldt

A great place to learn videography, podcasting, and rent A/V equipment for cheap. Also a conduit for putting locally made content on the many TV stations they control. Learn the basics of television production and become eligible to reserve time in our fully-equipped TV studio by completing their 4-hour workshop. $40 for members.

Access Humboldt is a non-profit community media organization serving the residents of Humboldt County since 2006.

Toma Resilience Center Logo

Toma Resilience Campus

The Toma Resilience Campus (“toma” means “sun” in the Wiyot Language) creates dedicated space for activities to build resilience capacity across the lifeline sectors (energy, water, food, communication/IT, and transportation).
Toma areas of focus include disaster preparedness, truly clean energy, “smart” technologies, light manufacturing, and sustainable food production. Find out more at the Blue Lake Rancheria.

Humboldt Amateur Radio Club logo

Humboldt Amateur Radio Club

Learn ham radio, take the FCC test proctored by local VEC's, and use the local repeaters to communicate throughout Humboldt County.
Open meetings first Tuesday of each month at 7pm at the Eureka Municipal Auditorium
2nd Tuesday Workshop at 7pm at the Eureka Municipal Auditorium. Includes topics that hams would be interested in learning.
HARC Net Wednesdays @ 19:00 On Repeater: 145.470 MHz Offset: -600 KHz | PL: 103.5

Makerspace-like places you can visit right now:

  • CoLab of the Innovation Design Institute: A Makerspace at Arcata High School, with help from the Arcata Arts Institute. 
  • Mind’s Eye Mafufactory in Ferndale. A place to take what is in one’s imagination and make it with one’s own hands.  A school of the “maker’s arts,” we feature an inspiring, well-equipped workshop and knowledgeable staff to help you realize your vision.
  • The Sanctuary: the Sanctuary provides essential resources that would not otherwise be available to artists & makers with limited space, tools, or knowledge. The public is invited for Open Lab hours in our studio and workshop spaces, where they explore and create with the guidance of knowledgeable technicians.
    • Open Saturdays Noon to 6pm, $5 per hour for machine use. 
    • Sewing, printmaking, bicycle repair, woodworking, music, ceramics, small metals and more!
  • SoulShine Arts: Humboldt County’s premier public glass studio. They specialize in custom blown glass lighting and one of a kind artwork. In Eureka on the 101.
    • Torches, Furnace, vented glassblowing studio & gallery.
  • Eureka Bike Kitchen Website or much more active Facebook Group: The Community Bike Kitchen provides tools, resources and knowledgeable mechanics to empower residents to maintain and repair bikes, particularly those that lack the access, or the means, to purchase a new bicycle.
  • The Ink People Center for the Arts: The mother or midwife of many local non-profit’s in the area, especially the DreamMakers and the MARZ Project, have been working towards creating a Makerspace in Humboldt for quite some time. They may be vital in the next phase of our Makerspace. 
  • Cooperation Humboldt helps to build a solidarity economy on California’s North Coast. They support existing cooperative efforts and create new solutions where needed. Their Tool Lending Library is makerspace adjacent, and their Skill Share program is worth joining. 


Humboldt Social Media & Community


Internet Resources

Here is a short list of maker resources

STEAM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics

If you have a location or resource that isn’t found on this page, please contact us so I can update this list!

Makerspaces gone by…

While there has never been a ‘full fledged makerspace’ in Humboldt County, there have been many places that had a similar ethos. Here is a small memorial for those places that no longer exist in physical buildings, but only in our hearts and memories. 


  • Wowser: Now closed, but was a long term makerspace in Willits. 
  • SCRAP Humboldt: Our mission is to inspire creative reuse and environmentally sustainable behavior by providing educational programs and affordable materials to the community.