Welcome to Humboldt Makers

The goal of this website is to create a space for people to get together and share ideas in order to form an membership driven, yes publicly open and community oriented makerspace in Humboldt County, California.

What is a Makerspace?

A makerspace is a physical space, often in industrial or commercial areas, that a group of like minded individuals can come together learn new skills, pool resources to have access to tools that would otherwise be out of reach, and make practical or artistic projects or any type.

Maker Projects

What types of things do makers make? Here are a few different crafts and interests you will often find at makerspaces:

  • Electronics Hacking
    • From the phone in our pocket to the devices in our walls, we are surrounded by electronics. Learn to understand and tinker with the electronic world arounds you.
  • Low powered and embedded computer systems like Arduino & Raspberry pi,
    • Want motion tracking on your drone? Or a touch screen interface for your household lights? What about controlling a retrofitted DirectTV dish to capture video and images being sent from the International Space Station as it passes overhead? All of this can be done, quite quickly with an embedded computer that costs less than $35! 
  • Wood, Metal, and Plastic working tools 
    • Need a case for your new homemade HF radio? Or a 3D printed custom jig for your own table saw projects at home? Makerspaces are where you can not only find the equipment, but the local expert on how to get the best results, letting you leap frog over the ‘novice mistakes’ phase of learning any new skill.
  • 3D Printing and Computer Controlled Milling
    • This is the current hottest technology, meaning it has a steep learning curve and expensive equipment & software requirements. 

Resource & Knowledge Pools

Together, we can do much more than we can by ourselves. When I made my uBitX HF radio, I really didn’t have the proper tools to punch holes into metal and ended up making quite a mess and an ugly project. But taking it to a friend who lives and breaths metalwork helped me see that with the correct tools and knowledge, not only was the project case easy to cheap and easy to create, it helped share two passions of people who would otherwise be toiling away in their garages alone. 

Imagine what we could do together, as a community. 

Community Engagement

Teaching is at the heart of knowledge. Members will be able to teach others how to use equipment, program their Arduinos, or even help get their FCC amateur radio license! 

Getting certified on the machines we have at the Makerspace will allow you to use them anytime they aren’t scheduled or in use!